Smart Home Automation With Electro Security

What is a smart home?

Remember when movies promised you could one day control devices in your home from your office or car? That day has come.

Simply put, home automation allows you to control nearly everything remotely, from a mobile device.

This means you can turn your lights on at night, keep track of your home’s alarm systems and keep an eye on CCTV cameras while you’re on holiday.

You can turn your heating on before you leave the office, or check on your smoke alarm when the kids burn their toast, again. Even change the TV channel!

A smart home gives you all the control at your fingertips. It’s the home of the future.

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So home automation will allow me to control the temperature of my home?

If you want it to, but it can do much more than that.

Until recently, smart home systems were only really used in larger commercial buildings and expensive homes.

Their abilities were limited – lights, temperature and basic security monitoring. And they were only accessible from one point inside the building.

But as technology has improved, the possibilities have become endless.

Smart devices, those that can be connected to a local area network (ethernet or wi-fi), are the most obvious places to start.

But now, individual points in electrical systems, such as light switches or electrical outlets, can be hooked up to your home automation system.

You can schedule events for certain times, such as having your lights turn off at a specific time off the day.

Or, even more impressively, you can schedule for events.

Imagine knowing all your lights in your house would turn on the minute your burglar alarm is triggered? How about getting curtains to automatically close?

What about seeing the courier at your front door while you’re at work​, and being able to unlock the gate for them and lock it again once they leave?

It really is the ultimate in security and control.

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Okay, that sounds awesome. But isn’t home automation expensive?

Have you thought about how much energy, and money, you could save every single year?

Have your heating system work to keep energy usage to a minimum when you’re not using it. Or have all the lights in our house turn off once everyone’s gone to bed – don’t let the kids accidentally increase your energy bill again.

With flexible home automation systems, you can even get individual devices to power down at certain times of the day, or check if you left your oven on from the office.

Home automation can alert you to events that you might want to know about right-away – such as water leaks and ​unexpected access to your home​- allowing you to minimise the damage that could be caused.

And you can control it all remotely from your phone, saving you from wasting money on forgotten lights and appliances or unexpected problems.

Why should I use ElectroSecurity for my smart home?
Home Automation is convenient, safe and can be a great addition to your home.

But if not done correctly, It can become a right headache.

We are a trusted team of experienced Auckland electricians providing specialised electrical & automation services under one roof.

We have unlimited security options for your needs, including alternative power solutions if your house gets cut off.

We work closely with New Zealand’s top brands, bringing you the latest in home automation technology.

We also operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so we always have you covered!

Request a quote today, or have a chat with our super friendly team to see how we can help you make ​your smart home ideas a reality!

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