Benefits of having CCTV for Home or Business


It is well understood that keeping ones home, business and family safe is very important. Your possessions and property are not the only things you’re trying to keep secure but also the health and life of your loved ones.

CCTV or closed circuit television and home security cameras help you monitor your surroundings and keep an eye on everything that goes around you.

Advantages of having CCTV in your home:

One of the biggest benefits of having a CCTV security camera installed in your home is the ability to deter crime. Once installed around your home, the effect is immediate as your sense of security is heightened and you and your family are more at ease. In some instances, having a CCTV security camera installed does not always deter crimes from being committed, however, it does provide you with evidence and in most cases helps law enforcers positively identify with possibility of arrest and recovery of possessions. Without a CCTV system in place, all of this would be merely impossible.

Another great advantage of having CCTV inside you home is that you can easily keep an eye on your family during your absence. Many families engage babysitters, carers or have live in nannies and au pairs to take care of their kids. Having a visible surveillance camera keeps individuals at their best behaviour and can be helpful to prevent any inappropriate behaviour from occurring during your absence ensuring the best care is given to your child. Similarly, it can also be beneficial for care of our elderly who have private nurses or carers frequenting their home. Many cases of abuse of our elderly have had exposure in the media of recent but there are so many that have gone by unnoticed. A surveillance security system allows for a secure and safe environment for the vulnerable ones of our society.

Technology is a double edged sword. They have become very beneficial to our needs however care should be taken when using them. Issues arise when a line is crossed between monitoring your own property and that of someone else. Many problems between neighbours have been regarding complaints of invasion of privacy. Keep within your property boundaries and check with your neighbours if there are chances of having a camera picking up footage from their driveway, etc.

Advantages of having CCTV in your business:

Whether you’re a small business or a large one, having a CCTV surveillance camera has many advantages for the long term. The cost of installation far outweighs the longterm benefits for your business, employees and clients.

Usually CCTV surveillance cameras are installed in areas that can be easily seen. This is done in order to discourage property damage, vandalism and theft from occurring. In instances, where crimes do occur with a surveillance camera present, the chances of positively identifying the offender are significantly increased.  With high definition quality and multiple viewing angles, they allow  businesses to see exactly what is going on inside and outside their facility. Workplace violence and harassment are also reduced if not completely eliminated giving employees a safe and secure work environment to focus completely on their allocated tasks.

Surveillance security cameras make a remarkable difference to the productivity of staff and employees. with the ability to keep an eye on their daily actions, employees are more accountable for their work hours. They are more likely to remain on tasks and take breaks more efficiently. Workplace thefts can be completely eliminated with the use of CCTV surveillance system at your facility as they are a powerful deterrent to such actions. Internal theft and breach of security can cause significant losses for businesses and most business owners leave it too late to handle such situations leaving their businesses vulnerable both internally and externally.

In this digital world, reputation is very easily tainted with the easy access to review and rating websites. Recent studies show 92% of consumers now read reviews online prior to engaging the services of a business. That makes it important more than ever to manage customers services closely at every possible step in your business. A surveillance system allows for close monitoring of employees engaging with customers allowing for complete removal of poor customer service leaving your business with satisfied customers and increased sales and profitability with repeat clients and a trustworthy reputation.

It is always very important to remember when that it is your legal obligation to ensure no privacy laws are breached with the use of CCTV surveillance cameras in both your home and business.

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