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Your Home is your Castle. Make it a Fortress!

Home security isn’t only about protecting your private possessions and property safe; it is also a means to enhance the safety of yourself and your loved ones.

It’s devastating to learn that burglaries in Auckland are currently at an all-time high! Unfortunately, family homes in Auckland are burglarized on a weekly basis. Across New Zealand, approximately 180 burglaries went unsolved each day for the first half of 2016 (Source). 

Several technological innovations can dramatically reduce the chance that your property will be targeted.


CCTV Security Cameras 

CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) systems are a fantastic means to meticulously document all activity on your property or surrounding its perimeter. This means if criminals attempt to target your home, you’ll be able to see how these events unfolded.

However, CCTV isn’t only useful means for investigating crimes that have been committed. They’re also a considerable deterrent to potential criminality. Merely seeing a security camera on your property may be enough to make a potential crook reconsider his choice of target.

With ever-increasing technological advancement in picture quality, prices for CCTV cameras have dropped in price, making it more affordable than ever to install them on your property.

Many of our contemporary security cameras enable remote viewing capabilities, so you can investigate what’s happening on your property quickly using your laptop, tablet or smartphone.


Security Alarms

Security alarms are another simple, effective technology for improving your properties security.

Our range of residential security alarm systems can be tailored to match your requirements regardless of its peculiarities. Our range of options includes innovations such as silent alarm monitoring so that you can increase the chance an intruder will be caught in the act. Or pet-friendly security alarms. We highly recommend alarm systems with alternative power sources, so they continue to stay activated in the event of a power outage.

We provide alarm systems with functional, intuitive interface designs, so you shouldn’t have any trouble mastering your system. However, our team is always happy to give training so you can operate it with extra confidence. 


Automated Gates

Gate automation isn’t valuable simply because of the enhanced convenience, it adds to your secure driveway; it also has the significant additional benefits of increased privacy and greater security. 

Electro Security specializes in providing automation for existing gates as well as entirely new automated gate systems. We can automate the full range of gate types including; swing gates, sliding gates and boom gates (for commercial properties). 

Large automated Gate systems at the front of your property create an additional barrier that will significantly deter any potential intruders, especially when combined with further steps.


Combining Security Technologies

Combining any or all of these security technologies will emphatically boost the security of your property, transforming your home into your private fortress.

We can work with your specifications to create an integrated security system combining multiple approaches for the ultimate home protection.

If you’re ready to consider securing your property for yourself and your family Electro Security are here. Our expertise can guide you through all the available options ensuring you get the optimum setup for your requirements. Our solutions can blend seamlessly with your property and lifestyle preparing your home for any potential security breach.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch for a no-obligation discussion of our services. We have a huge range of security systems to best suit your budget and needs all sure to enhance the safety of your home or business.

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Authorship credit Joel Payne – Digital Squad

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