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Smart Home Automation

Buying your home is probably one of the biggest investments you are going to make in life and therefore keeping it safe and secure is a top priority. With reports stating that only 13% of burglaries are ever solved , having a home security system that works and will deter such crimes from happening is essential.

With advances in technology over recent years, it is now becoming easier than ever to create an integrated security system within your home to give you that peace of mind. Smart home systems or home automation is the next big trend that is going to shape how we protect our homes for the foreseeable future. A recent survey found that around a third of New Zealanders have already added some kind of smart automation capability into their homes.

So what security features can be integrated into a smart home?

Digital Connectivity

The ultimate goal of a Smart Home system is to bring together a range of electrical devices so that they can operate as one unified system. This could include features like lights automatically turning off when a sensor catches you leaving a room, or audio equipment to play a song with a voice command. The possibilities are almost endless and are very customisable meaning that you can create a system that suits your own personal needs.

You can get smart home kits to install yourself but these are often more limited in function. However, more and more professional electrical companies are now offering to install affordable smart home systems that you know will work correctly. Take a look at what Electro Security offers in terms of Auckland home automation.

Remote Control via an App

One huge advantage of Smart Home Systems is that the digital connectivity means that many physical features in your home can be remotely operated with the aid of an app. With home automation becoming ever more popular, there are a wide variety of options which include companies such as ADT and Belkin among smaller start ups.

Take a look at some app options here.

Remote operation gives you the piece of mind that when you have gone on an evening out or away on a holiday, the app will send you an instant notification in the event of a security breach, allow you to remotely arm and disarm your security system and make a visual check on your home with video links to security cameras.

Automatic sensors and Cameras

Tried and tested home security methods can be easily integrated into smart home systems. An existing external CCTV network could be linked, with the added advantage of a remote live feed to your portable device and notifications if any movement is detected. The same goes for internal home cameras and sensors that are linked to your home automation system.

Smart Plugs and Locks

For those of you who often forget your keys or have kids that you’d rather not risk losing a pair, then one advanced option in a smart home is smart locking systems that allow you to use a password rather than a key to access your home. You can also remotely unlock and lock your doors so a package could be left securely if a courier delivers a package while you are away for example.

Smart plugs now mean that you can set lights on a timer to give the impression you are present in your home when you are away and it can also help to reduce the fire risk to your home by making sure your hair straighteners are off without having to go back to the house!

Cloud Based Storage

Most smart home apps will work with cloud based storage, allowing you to access video feeds, sensor data and remotely operate smart locks and plugs wherever you have access to the internet, without clogging up your devices memory or slowing down your operating speed.

Electro Security – Auckland’s Smart Home Specialists

At Electro Security we work closely with New Zealand’s top brands to bring you the latest in home automation technology. Our team of Auckland based specialists have the expertise and training to make sure that the installation of home automation systems goes smoothly and integrates fully into your existing electrical systems. With an unlimited choice of security systems on offer, we help you to customise a smart home that suits your needs!

Get in touch with us today either online or over the phone to discuss your options and receive a free, no obligation quote for our services.

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