Practical solutions for improving energy efficiency in your business.

Practical solutions for improving energy efficiency in your business.

When running a business, electricity bills are the unwanted costs that occur on a regular basis and eat away at those all important profits. We all know of the simple, quick fix solutions that can reduce your energy expenditure in the long run such as turning down the office thermostat, remembering to turn off appliances at the end of the day or only turning lights on when necessary.

However, your employees are only human and it is easy to forget to turn off appliances and lights after a busy day, and adjusting the office temperature has the possibility to be detrimental to workplace productivity. If your employees are dissatisfied within their workplace environment, have shown that it can have a dramatic effective on creative thinking and the amount of work produced.

In this article we will discuss some practical solutions that do not rely purely on reducing consumption, these solutions tackle energy efficiency at the source. By installing or retrofitting energy efficient systems and introducing intelligent control, your business energy efficiency will rise and your bills go down.

Install Efficient Systems – Switching to LED Installation

If you are newly fitting out a premises or are looking to upgrade your old systems, then consider using LEDs bulbs instead of incandescent ones. LED bulbs have far higher efficiency ratings than other bulb types, convert 80-90 % of the energy they use directly into light unlike other types of bulb where up to 90% of energy is lost when converted into heat energy.

Although the initial cost of installation can be more than with other bulbs, the superior efficiency and lifespan of LED bulbs will save you money in the long run by bringing down power-related overheads, which can lead to a dramatic decrease in your energy bills.

Installing HVAC systems or Heat pumps 

Heat Pumps are a HVAC (Heating, Ventilation Air Conditioning) system that combine the ability to heat, cool and ventilate a room within one system. They work to either heat or cool your environment by using a small amount of energy to transfer heat from one location to another desired location.

Heat Pumps are particularly efficient systems as they work by heat transfer which requires much less energy than the process of creating and radiating heat. According to the USAs Department of Energy “today’s heat pumps can reduce your electricity use for heating by approximately 50% compared to electric resistance heating such as furnaces and baseboard heaters”.

As well as this, the ability to heat and cool within one system is especially convenient, and HVAC systems can be installed over multiple rooms within one building, creating an energy efficient, integrated system that can be controlled and monitored.

Upgrade old appliances to those with star ratings  

Appliances such as old fridges can use far more energy to run than you realise. Upgrading old appliances to new ones where efficiency is measured with the star rating system, allows you to take control of how efficient these appliances are and reduce the amount of energy that goes into keeping them running. 

Take Control of your Energy Bills – Get an Energy Audit 

Many energy companies will offer an energy audit service, allowing you know exactly how efficient your premises actually are and identify the weak points where efficiency could be improved. This is the first practical steps you can take to make sure your efforts are focused on the areas that need it most.

Timer switches on plugs to minimise wastage

Installing timer switches for your electrical appliances can bypass human error and allow you to turn off your electrical items at night without having to go round every individual item and manually switch them off.

Invest in a programmable thermostat

When efficient heating and cooling systems such as heat pumps are partnered with smart, programmable thermostats, it makes keeping control of your energy efficiency easy. App based thermostats such as the Google backed start-up Nest are becoming ever more popular as they allow temperature control of a room remotely from your phone or other supported device, and intelligently monitor your usage.

At Electro Security we have been specialising in providing domestic and commercial electrical services to Auckland and the surrounding areas for over 10 years. If you or your business are interested in installing your own heat pump systems or want to know more about upgrading other electrical appliances, then get in touch with us today either online or over the phone on 09 212 8674 for a free consultation or no-obligation quote.

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